Ray-Ban Authentic

The Ray-Ban lenses you’ve been waiting for

Ray-Ban Authentic

Our Ray-Ban Authentic prescription lenses offer the latest advancements in optical technology and are crafted to fit perfectly with Ray-Ban frames, for an uncompromising mix of style and performance.

Our authentic prescription lenses are tailored to your vision and to fit our sunglass and eyeglass frames. You’ll see perfectly without losing the authentic Ray-Ban look.


Ray-Ban Authentic Benefits

The Full Ray-Ban Experience You Want

Original and Iconic Frames

Perfect Fit of Frames and Lenses

Authentic Ray-Ban Signature

Meets the Great Sight You Need

Reflection Glare Reduction

Ray-Ban Blue Light Filter

UV Protection

Available with Original Ray-Ban Colors in Your Prescription

Transitions The Ideal
Pair for Your Everyday Life

The Largest Collection
of Original Sun
Colors Customized for
Your Prescription

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