Resolve to Have Healthier Eyes This New Year

Before you can work on those new year’s resolutions, you’ll want to know that you’re going to be able to see your progress as well as you can.

We all know the New Year’s drill: we overindulge and overspend at the end of the year and resolve to work it off and improve ourselves with the turn of the calendar. Many want to lose weight, start a new hobby, search for a new job or find a fresh relationship. But before doing any of these, you’ll want to make sure your vision’s 20/20 so you can see them through. (Literally.)

Healthy eyes are the foundation for a healthier you and the healthy changes you want to see happen. Here are a few tips for starting the year off right by protecting your vision and the health of your eyes:

1. Get an Eye Exam.

This is the time of year that many of us set out to make the changes we want to see for ourselves. Because of our busy schedules, things pile up, and as our personal to-do lists get backed up, we fall behind. This is the time to get those lingering items checked off. An annual eye exam is an important way to ensure your vision, which can change with age, is where you need it to be. It’s also a quick and easy thing to do. Moreover, eye exams can sometimes detect signs of other health issues you may have, such as diabetes.

2. Be sure your glasses have an up-to-date prescription.

Often, people get comfortable with a pair of glasses they love. They look good in them, feel good on their face, etc. But our eyes can change as we age and this can lead to a worsening of our vision. Whereas most contacts are disposable, glasses are like clothing, and it’s harder to part with a good pair of clothing that works. The good news: you can keep your frames and simply get new lenses put in if you prefer. Or, you can pick out a new pair of frames to match the new “you” you might be working on this time of year. Either way, be sure to get an eye exam so you know whether wearing old glasses is still safe for you.

3. Diet and exercise.

Trying to shed those holiday pounds is a common reason many people commit to new fitness regimens in January. But did you know there are more reasons other than looking trim and fit to make it to the gym on time? Staying in good shape and eating the right foods affects your overall health, including your vision and the health of your eyes. In addition to exercise, your daily diet is also important to your eye health. Eye-healthy foods include sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy green vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, walnuts, and other types of fish and seeds.

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