Puffy Swollen Eyes

What Are Red and Irritated or Swollen and Puffy Eyes?

Bags under the eyes and swollen or puffy eyes are the results of excess fluid around the eyelid and eye area. What causes puffy eyes? Eye bags, or puffy eyes causes, can range from aging, heredity, allergies, tiredness, excessive crying, or fatigue. Below are a few common eye conditions and infections that can cause eye swelling.

Broken Blood Vessel

A broken blood vessel occurs when the white part of your eye becomes bright red from the blood leaking under the clear conjunctiva (white part of your eye) which may cause swelling or puffy under eyes. The hemorrhage may look threatening, but is usually harmless and typically isn’t considered an emergency.

Treatment: If within a day or two you notice other symptoms, such as pain or excess swelling, make sure you arranging An Eye Exam.

Eye Allergies

Allergies are typically seasonal but can occur year-round when something irritating invades your eyes. Cat dander, dust mites, plants in the area, molds, or fumes can affect your eyes in all kinds of ways from puffiness, itchiness or redness, to unusually watery eyes.

Treatment: Over-the-counter antihistamines can give you relief as well as a cold, wet compress on the outside of your closed eyelids. If your allergies continue to cause eye irritation, you may need to see your eye doctor for a prescription to help you deal with the symptoms.

Computer Eye Strain

Studies have shown that people who use a computer or other digital screen for prolonged amounts of time tend to blink less. This can lead to computer eye strain, a condition that can cause fatigue and eye swelling.

Treatment: Applying eye drops and wearing computer glasses prescribed by your eye doctor when working on a screen can help alleviate symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Pink Eye

Pink eye is a form of conjunctivitis that can result in multiple symptoms such as itching, burning, stinging, eye discharge, swelling, and watering. Some forms of pink eye are viral and bacterial and are very contagious. Be sure to wash your hands often and avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent spreading it to others.

Treatment: If within a day or two a cool, wet compress is still not helping with the eye swelling, it’s best to see your eye doctor for a diagnosis and possible treatment.

How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

If you’re looking for ways on how to get rid of puffy eyes, it’s important to find out what the underlying cause is. In some cases, making a few lifestyle changes can help alleviate the problem. Puffy eyes can also be an inherited trait, in which case, you may need cosmetic surgery to get rid of bags under eyes.

Reducing eye swelling or puffiness is all about cooling and moving the fluid away from the eye area. Treatment for bags under the eyes include:

  • Applying a Cold Compress: If you’re experiencing puffy eyes in the morning, grab a clean washcloth and run it under cold water. Gently apply it to the skin under your eyes for a few minutes to relieve swelling. You can also apply refrigerated slices of cucumber or a cold spoon.
  • Hydrating: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body from dehydrating and retaining water that can cause puffiness around your eyes.
  • Using Eye Drops: If your eyes are irritated due to dryness or allergies, use eye drops to help alleviate the symptoms.
  • Reducing Your Salt Intake: Eating foods high in sodium can cause your body to retain water, leading to puffy eyes after a salty meal. Limit salt in your diet to help subside puffiness.
  • Applying Eye Cream Regularly: Using creams, serums or other products can help reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes.

When To See an Eye Doctor

In general, puffy eyes aren’t a cause for concern. However, you should arrange a consultation with your eye doctor if:

  • The eye swelling or puffiness doesn’t go away after one or two days.
  • You’re experiencing pain or severe swelling in the eye area.
  • You have pain or symptoms in other areas of your body.

A comprehensive eye exam can determine the cause of your swelling or puffy eyes and help treat the problem early on. Arrange an appointment at your neighbourhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Centre if you’re concerned about puffy eyes.

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